Top 6 Best Antivirus For Android

Here I am going to list best Antivirus apps for android. Android is a great and popular operating system. Today most of us own an android smartphone in their pocket. Android smartphone are available at low and also high expensive price. This high end devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 can cost you very expensive. But do you concern about its security, Mississauga SEO Firm - Edkent Media says.

Android is an mobile operating system that is growing at high rate. Also the malware and hack attacks on this OS is also increasing trend these days. So we must be aware about the security of our android smartphone also tablets. These device hold many sensitive data like emails, passwords, photos and much more. So its vital to take care about security of your android smartphone.

List Of Best Antivirus For Android

So below is list of popular antivirus for android OS:

1. Avast Mobile Security

You would definitely heard of Avast, if you runs a Windows PC. Avast is well known for its security suite, specially Avast FREE Antivirus. Avast Mobile security is also very popular in Google play store. I personally use Avast on my android smartphone. It provides many great features at free of cost. It can scan your android for malware and can remove any malware very easily. It has a feature to block calls and messages for a specific number, if you specified. Now if installed Avast mobile security , you no need to worry if your phone got stolen or lost. It can easily track lost or stolen smartphone. Its web shield will warn you about malware infected URL, If browser tries to load it. If you phone is rooted, you can also use firewall of avast which is built in and stay away from hackers.

The stealth mode make avast widget in status bar invisible, which make it difficult for thief to delete t it. It will send a SIM-Card change notification, if a different unauthorized card is inserted. When inserted it locks and activate the siren also send an SMS to your mobile number set by you.

One of the best feature i loved that its self-protection feature. It is very difficult to uninstall avast from phone, specially if the phone is rooted. It can also survive in hard-resets, if needed it can disable the USB ports.

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus for android is one of the best free antivirus for android. AVG is well known and popular security vendor. Its free antivirus for PC is a must have for PC. For protecting android devices they made the security suite available for free. It provides some nice features. Virus protection is one of the key feature of their security software. It detects, blocks and remove the viruses and malware with ease. With its Anti-Theft, you can handle your phone with out any worry. Because it will find, locks or wipes if device is stolen. You get features like Phone locator, phone locker, remote wipe, app scanner for malware free apps, file scanner, safe web surfing Call and text message blocker. It also provides Improve Performance  with Task Killer, IMPROVED Battery Consumption, Data Usage, Storage Usage.

3. CM Security – FREE Antivirus

CM Security is made by popular vendor Cheetah Mobile. Cheetah mobile is the maker of popular android appClean Master. It had been rated #1 by Popular independent antivirus and security institute AV-TEST. This AV scored 100% in their virus detection test. This app is light and runs fast on any android  device. It can detect and remove any type of viruses and malware. It anti- Theft feature is also great. It locates your stolen device on Google Maps and if anyone entered the password wrongly three times, his picture will taken and will be sent to your email. This app provides scanning in just 5 seconds, which is 500% faster than any other paid AV.

It also provides features like app & system scan, SD Card scan, On install scan,  Call Blocker and Safe Browsing.

4. 360 Security 

This AV is made by Qihu 360 Software Co., LTD(QIHU).  It is one of the best free antivirus for android. This app will provide your device best security and also boost your android device’s speed. It scans your device for viruses and also vulnerability scan, trash scan and more. Its virus engine is powered by cloud scanning. It also free up the trash file and privacy history to make some space for your important data. Feature like Anti-Theft,  Real time app scanning, App manager, Call and SMS Blocker, Power Saver and also take backup of contacts.

5. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout Security & Antivirus is best of the best antivirus available for android. It provides excellent protection to your android device. The free version of Look out offer some great security features like App scanning, Real Time protection against viruses and malwares. It also has a find my phone features by which it locates the phone and make it scream alarm even when it is silent. Signal Flare automatically saves your phone’s location, when battery is low. With Lock Cam feature, you will get an email with picture of person who enters the password wrong. Some features like Safe Browsing, Privacy Advisor, Lock & Wipe and photo & call history backup are available in premium version.

6. Avira Antivirus Security

This app is developed by popular security company Avira. This app is freely available at play store. It protect your mobile from harmful apps and automatically scans new apps and updates. On demand app scanner is also a great feature of this suite. With its anti-theft feature, your phone will make an alarm even when it is silent and you can remotely wipe your phone’s data. After tracking your phone’s location you can lock your phone remotely. You can also block any mobile number , from which you do not wants to receive calls. This app is built in this way so that it doesn’t drains your battery.


Above is the great list of Best Antivirus For Android. Security of your android device is vital so i recommend you to install one of the listed apps. Each of the app listed above is personally tested on Android smartphone. All of  the apps are available at Google Play Store for free. Go and get an android AV app which suites your need the most.

If you know about any other great antivirus for android, tell me that in comment section.

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